The Oven Mitts Saga

Many years ago, I purchased a pair of oven mitts that seemed to last me almost forever. Well, not quite forever, but a good long time – as in many years. But with much use, the did eventually get worn out and I had to purchase new ones.

In four years, I am now on my fourth pair… which seems a bit ridiculous to me, knowing that I got very good use out of a pair that were purchased many years ago.

When they did finally wear out, I went to a local kitchen supply shop and was sold on silicone oven mitts. They were pricey, but I was told that they were the “new thing” and could handle the heat. I was a bit surprised at how thin they were, but decided to try them out.

They could handle the heat – and quite a bit of my baking is done at temperatures of 450 and 500F. I could feel some warmth when removing the cast iron dutch oven after it had bread baking in it at 500F, but nothing that was bothersome.

Until one day… I reached into the oven to pull out the dutch oven and felt searing heat against bare skin! Of course, I immediately lurched my hand out of the oven and upon inspection, discovered that the stitching along the side of the silicone oven mitt had broken.

This exposed part of my hand! Not a very good design for an oven mitt at all.

After the silicone mitts, I went back to the more traditional style. I have no idea what the brand was, but sadly it had no where near the quality of the original pair that I owned, had. They lasted perhaps 6 months before they became worn. Mind you, I do quite a bit of baking – but not really anymore than I did previously.

It was a bit of a pain to sort of adjust my grip when using them, until I could get out and get a new pair. This time, I decided to settle on a recognized and trusted brand and purchased a set of Cuisinart Oven Mitts, with a silicone grip.

The mitt is not 100% silicone, rather just in the grip area, while the rest of the mitt is of a different material. Inside the mitt, there is some lining with an insulating material.

At first, I was quite happy with these. They fit nicely and even my son could wear them on his much smaller hands and still be able to grip things while adding or removing from the oven.

But how long did they last? All of two months! After about two months of use, the lining inside had torn apart with the insulation being worn away. Another “Ouch!” moment when removing anything hot from the oven.

To say I was disappointed in these Cuisinart Oven mitts would be an understatement. You would think that a product with their name on it would be a high quality product, but these are definitely not of high quality. In fact, I’d say they are very poor.

Some time ago, I needed to order some office supplies and generally use Curious, as I knew they sold some baking supplies online, I checked for oven mitts and discovered they carried a number of different styles of heat resistant gloves – not only for baking, but also for other uses where protection from high temperatures is required.

The brand they sold were “Superior Glove” (website here). I had never heard of them, and decided to order a pair.

The model I ordered from Staples was the¬†TBMOB 17″ Terry Oven Mitt with Oilbloc.

When they arrived, I was a bit puzzled as it seemed I had received two left-handed mitts. I inquired of Superior Glove’s customer service and received a reply: “The TBM is an ambidextrous mitt and can be worn on either hand.

Well.. they can be worn on either hand, but are most comfortable on the left.. they don’t really seem to be totally “ambidextrous,” – but that is my only minor complaint with the mitts so far.

They are actually a really high quality product and have been well used since I received them.

I’d like to help you get a pair, but unfortunately they seem to be only available in Canada at this time.

Here is the link to the actual product I purchased on

If you do a lot of baking and have a favourite oven mitt brand, let me know!