Cinnamon Bread! My Son Will Love It

cinnamon bread

Fresh Backed Cinnamon Bread

The other day when my son was here, we decided to make two loaves of our “no knead bread.” One as we normally do, and the other with cinnamon added. My son loves cinnamon, and we both thought it might be interesting to try a loaf with some added.

Well… it was ok. I decided to add a tablespoon of cinnamon and a tablespoon of sugar to the water, salt and  yeast, and mix that all together, and then add to the dry flour. But I forgot that cinnamon does not dissolve very well in lukewarm water. But we did our best, and certainly when we baked it, the scent of cinnamon went through the house and the taste of the bread was pretty good.

But not good enough for me. I was sure we could do better.  And cinnamon is such a wonderful spice that goes well with bread or toast.  It’s also high in antioxidants and has some really great things going for it as far as your heath (read more about the health benefits of cinnamon here) including possibly preventing cancer, helping with glucose levels in diabetes, and more.

Health benefits aside… the taste.. the wonderful taste of cinnamon! Cinnamon toast, cinnamon bread, cinnamon in my coffee, cinnamon in my hot chocolate. My son and I love the stuff. So much, I go through it pretty quickly.

So yesterday, I was looking for a recipe for a cinnamon loaf of bread that would taste better than what I had made. And I stumbled across this:  Homemade Cinnamon Bread. Oh, that looked good!

Well, it was good! There is some discussion about ensuring there is enough warmth for the yeast – and I too live in an old house that is way more than 100 years old and has little insulation. The kitchen is warm when the oven is on, but other than that, I keep the temperature pretty low to save on natural gas costs, and tend to wear a bulky sweater. When guests come, I do turn the heat up for them… I am not that inhospitable!

But I solve the heat problem when trying to raise doughs with yeast by putting it in the oven with the oven light on. That keeps the temperature of the oven at around 100 to 110F, and my yeast does quite well in that. (Note, I do not do this with the no knead bread I linked to above; it’s secret is a slow rise which is possible in conditions even under 68F).

Well, my loaf of bread turned out amazing to look at as you can see by the image above. How did it taste?

Awesome! And even better when I toasted a couple of slices and melted butter all over it!

My ten year old son is just gonna love this!

I won’t post the recipe as the it’s posted at the link I provided. Go visit and bake cinnamon bread!



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